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What Is Math?

Definition: MATH·E·MAT·ICS
Pronunciation: [math-uh-mat-iks]
Function: noun

1. The science that is concerned with numbers and their values.

2. A science dealing with the quantity of things.

What Is The Use of Math?

Image In order to get good at math, it is important to understand how math is used in our everyday lives. Sometimes it is taken for granted. You may automatically use it to calculate your allowance or to figure out how much to ask your parents for so that you can go to the movies.

I'll bet that there are hundreds of ways that you use math everyday that you are not even aware of. But the more you are aware of how and when you use it, the better off you will be in all of your studies.

A good understanding of the basics will make the learning of more difficult math much much easier. Math principles build on each other as you move into more and more difficult levels. Whenever I find someone having trouble with higher mathematics, I always find that person is lacking in the basics.


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